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Tire Services

Tire Services

The certified technicians at our repair shop are experts in providing high-quality tire services, including wheel alignments, tire installations, tire balancing, tire rotations and tire inspections.

Wheel Alignment

Our wheel alignment service will give you the best driving experience. It helps your vehicle drive smoother, your tires last longer, and ultimately keeps your wheels pointed in the right direction. Just like how your shoes can wear, so do your tires, and if your wheels are not properly aligned, they can wear unevenly.

A wheel alignment service is very important because it can expand the life of your tires. Even the smallest alignment issue can result in an uneven tire wear. Once your wheels are properly aligned, it’s smooth cruising ahead, saving you tire wear, fuel, and

Tire Installation

It's very important to perform regular tire maintenance, not just for the safety of your family, but also to ensure a long lifespan for your vehicle. You are advised to always consult with your owner's manual in terms of finding the proper tire size for the year, make and model of your vehicle. When you purchase new tires, they have to be in sets of 4, or at least in matching groups of 2 on each axle. This extends the life of your new tires and keeps your tire wear even.

If you need help with your tire purchase, some to us! We can help you compare tire specifications and prices before you buy, to ensure you are getting the best new tires for your needs and budget.

Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing is important to increase the basic safety of your vehicle and extend the life of your tires. The certified technicians at our auto repair shop are here to help with all of your tire balancing and tire service needs.

Tire balancing happens each time you replace your vehicle's tires. Since tires wear depending on road problems and driving practices, uneven wear can be visible after the initial 1,000-2,000 miles of use. It’s important to check your tires balance every 4,000-6,000 miles. Our certified technicians can assist in determining if your tires need to be balanced and rotated based on mileage and wear.

Tire Rotation

Your vehicle's weight is not distributed evenly to all four corners. If you leave all 4 tires just the way they are, some tires would eventually wear out faster than others. We know that a tire rotation is an essential part of making your tires last longer. The tire rotation process consists of moving your tires from front to back, moving them from one side of your vehicle to the other or a combination of both.

Uneven tire wear could bring about unsatisfactory gas efficiency, poor performance, reduce the life of the new tire and can easily cause safety problems. Regular tire rotation helps eliminate premature tire wear and could save you a lot of money on new tires. Visit our auto repair shop and let our trained technicians rotate your tires.

Tire Inspection

Tires need to be checked on a regular basis for damage, such as stones, nails or other sharp objects that may have penetrated the tire. They also need to be checked for bulges, tears or cuts that might be the result of contact with road hazards. If you have doubts about the condition of your tires, it's best to have them inspected by our technicians. Our auto repair shop is known for performing top-notch tire inspection services.

Are you looking for a quick-to-respond towing company that can handle light, medium, and heavy duty towing?

If your vehicle breaks down and you're stuck on the roadside, or you've been involved in an automobile accident, contact Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center for reliable towing service.

Over the years, we've built a solid reputation in the community by providing trusted and efficient towing service in Fort Washington, MD, Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, and surrounding areas.

Our well-trained staff will help you solve your towing and vehicle recovery needs in an efficient and professional manner. Let us give you a helping hand if you find yourself stranded roadside.


Light-Duty and Medium-Duty Towing



Suitable for passenger cars, light trucks, and 4x4’s.



Heavy-Duty Towing



Suitable for construction equipment, semi-trucks, motorhomes, and more.



Towing & Roadside Service


  • Battery Jump Start
  • Lock Out Assistance
  • Tire Change
  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Roadside Assistance

If you’re looking for a local towing company that maintains speedy response times, always arrives with the right repair equipment, and completes services in a timely fashion, choose Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center. Simply give us a call whenever you need recovery services and we’ll dispatch the right tow truck for your needs.

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that connects it with the road and are responsible for safety, comfort, mobility, and fuel economy. Proper tire care and maintenance are, therefore, very necessary to ensure your tires stay effective. This care and maintenance can be easily done by your personal attention and with the help of our professional experts at Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center. Take care of your tires, and they’ll reward you with better gas mileage and improved handling and performance. Your tires are all that stand between the road and your car, which is why it’s important to stay up to date on their maintenance. At Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center, we want our customers in Fort Washington, MD, and surrounding areas to remain on top of tire performance and adhere to maintenance schedules outlined in their owner’s manual.

To get the most out of your tires and keep your tires in working order, these essential tire care tips will help:

Tire Pressure

The pressure of your tires can influence the way you drive. Under-inflated tires can cause irregular tire wear and can cause a tire blow out, and over-inflated tires are more likely to be damaged when hitting an obstacle. Keep your tire pressure at the recommended PSI that is outlined in the owner’s manual. Properly inflated tires will maximize tread life, improve handling, and increase fuel efficiency and overall driver safety.

Tire Tread Depth

A tire’s tread is what gives it traction on the road. Your tire has built-in tread wear indicators, also known as “wear bars.” When these bars are flush with your tire’s tread, then it’s time to get the tire replaced. If tires are bald and without much tread, you’re more likely to lose your connection with the road while driving.

Tire Rotation

When you drive your vehicle, it will wear down certain tires more than others, so you should have your tires rotated every 5,000-8,000 miles. Recommended rotation patterns for your vehicle can be found in your owner’s manual. Rotating the position of your tires will help you get the most miles out of your tires, the best traction, and improved driving safety.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is done by evenly distributing the weight of your vehicle, so it is fully balanced evenly across all the tires. Whenever you have your tires replaced, tire balancing should also be done as a part of the tire installation process. Balanced tires give you a smoother, more comfortable ride without feeling any vibrations coming from the wheels.

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment involves fine-tuning the angles of your vehicle’s suspension system so that your wheels are pointed in the right direction. A wheel alignment is performed to bring the car's suspension into its proper configuration, positioning, and adjusting components so that wheels are aligned with each other and the road surface. Proper alignment will give you a smoother ride, fewer vibration, reduced wear on your tires, and better mileage.

Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center Offers Quality Tire Services and Tire Maintenance in Fort Washington, MD

Take these tips and suggestions into account while maintaining your tires. Inspect your tires regularly for uneven tire wear and correct tire pressure. By properly maintaining your tires and vehicle, you will keep yourself and passengers very safe, increase the life of your tires, and have a positive impact on the environment. Proper maintenance of tires is important for optimal vehicle performance. Maintaining your tires by checking tire pressure, rotating your tires, replacing your tires when needed, and ensuring that your tires are well-balanced are essential for your vehicle’s performance and reliability. At Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center, we are here for all your tire services and repairs in Fort Washington, MD. Schedule an appointment today and let us care for your tires!

Maximize Fleet Performance with the Right Tires

When you purchase new commercial tires, you have an opportunity to improve fleet handling and fuel economy while cutting operation costs. Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center stocks the latest commercial tires from major brands, making it easy to get the exact tire you need in the size you need it.

Tire technology is always evolving, and our inventory is diverse to make shopping a quick and convenient process.

We serve Fort Washington, MD, Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, and surrounding areas.

Should I Switch Commercial Tires?

Thinking about switching commercial truck tire brands or to a different tire model?

The best tire for your fleet depends on several factors, including:

  • Overall Longevity
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Retread Capabilities
  • Manufacturer Warranties

You'll want to review your business needs and select tires with the features that best match your application. Our staff can assist you in your search. Call today to learn more about our commercial tire inventory and locate a cost-effective and quality choice for your fleet.

At Fort Washington Tire Pros & Auto Center , we provide commercial tires to customers in Fort Washington, MD, Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. Use our commercial tire guide below to learn more about drive, steer, trailer and all position tires. Compare the functions and features to choose the right tire for your needs. Browse our tire catalog full of the best brands in the industry and save.

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